Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How to search a product in a city?
A: In search box type name of the product you want to search for. At least 3 characters are mandatory. For best result you can select the full product name from the drop down list. You can also type the name of the city, state or country with the name of the product/service.

e.g. Screwdrivers
Screwdrivers manufacturers
Screwdrivers suppliers
Screwdrivers suppliers in Delhi
Screwdrivers in Delhi
Screwdrivers in Gujarat
Screwdrivers suppliers in Maharashtra etc.

Q: How can I get video help?
A: You can go to our Supplier's Video Guide.

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Q: Why and how to register?
A: If you want to promote your company, products or services, you can register your company for free.

You can register by clicking on Free Registration at the top right of the portal.

You may also help us to know that what are the products/services you offer to your customers, so that we can promote you for the same. Kindly mention products/services names in the registration form. Please separate all your products/services names with the comma (,) so that our automatic intelligent indexing system can understand those names clearly. Please do not use any brand name or product category name here. We will suggest you for the promoted keywords of the portal of your interest later.

Q: What is a keyword?
A: A keyword is the name of the product or service by which buyers or visitors may search the belonging product/service. We allow you to promote up to 100 products/services/keywords for free. Only one product can be listed in the result page for a particular keyword of a member.

Q: What is a Business Catalogue?
A: A business catalogue is the catalogue which displays your company profile, list of products and services you offer and provision to collect user enquiries.

The internet address (url) for your business catalogue may be like as below

The business catalogue is free for you for a complete year, if you register before 31st December, 2017.

Q: What is an Direct Enquiry?
A: The enquiry posted to a particular company is called as direct enquiry.

Q: What is an Open Enquiry?
A: Open enquiry is not posted for a particular seller or company. Instead it is for the interested multiple suppliers.

Q: What is Enquiry Store?
A: Enquiry Store is the registered name of the place (web page) where you can find all the active/live Open Enquiries.

Q: How to response to enquiry?
A: The enquiry will be posted to your registered email address. You can resend it again to your registered email address, if you have missed it, in case.
Now from your email inbox, you can directly response that enquiry by replying the same. It will go directly to the buyer. That is our end point for that enquiry.

No doubt, it is your business/quotation and you have the right to keep it confidential. That is why we are not involved in any enquiry when replied by you.

Q: What is Promotional Listing and Sponsored Listing and how it is different with the free listing?
A: The normal listing of up to 100 products/keywords is the listing provided free to all free suppliers/members. The products in this listing may appear at the lowest priority. All the listed products randomly shuffles every time when the same page open. Your listing will be displayed while the keyword used for the product be searched in India or in your city.

The Promotional Listing is same as the normal listing. The difference is only that it has the high priority when compared with the normal/free listing i.e., it will be displayed before the normal/free products listed. In case there are more then one suppliers for the same keyword in a city or area with the Promotional Listing, the listing will randomly shuffles every time when the same page open.

The Sponsored Listing is to be displayed in the search result of a product/keyword in India and also in any city/state of India. The feature is available on price of per keyword bases. It covers all the places which Normal or Promotional Listing does not.

It has the high priority when compared with the normal/promotional listing i.e., it will be displayed before the normal/promotional products listed.

For the beauty of the portal only up to three, randomly shuffled, sponsored products will be displayed before promotional listing.